Thursday, June 10, 2010

El Nino-La Nina|Climate changes|hurricane|weather fluctuations|Volcanoes|climate variations|Drought

Basically what is El Nino? El Nino is an unusual warming of the ocean waters in the eastern tropical Pacific, i.e. the warm current which flows in a southern direction through the coasts of Ecuador and Peru during the months of January, February and March. Normally, this is called El Nino/Southern Oscilliation or in short it is called ENSO. Main destruction effect of El Nino is Coral reefs. The rise in the sea temperature created by El Nino destroys the algae which mainly protects the coral. The coral bleaches white in this process of El Nino and dies. This is very much evidential during the time of El Nino the shores of the beaches will be in white instead of blue.

To exactly understand the effects of an El Nino event, we can compare from the diagrams below, which shows the normal condition and El Nino condition of Pacific region. In total, El Nino is a disruption in the ocean-atmospheric system in Tropical Pacific area which is the main key factor for weather and climate around the globe.

Finally, to say, these events of El Nino and La Nina disproportionately trigger socioeconomic disasters on the global scale. These two factors mainly associated with climate impacts through out the world.

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