Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hotstuff--CoolGifts--for Holiday Season--Christmas & New Year

It is already Holiday Season around. Holiday season means just give and take. It may be your Love or some hot stuff or some cool electronic gadget or anything you wish to give to your dear and near. It is the way of some enjoyment. It may be, otherwise, having dinner parties with your friends or relatives, or else watching a football game on the television in a easy & cozy way. All means celebration. Yes. Christmas and New Year is approaching very fast. So, let us all get ready; prepare ourselves for the celebrations and delightful enjoyments... For more reading on christmas shopping, go to: http://ping.fm/finvj

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Black Friday Deals|Thanksgiving Day 2010|Cyber Monday Sales|Seasonal Shopping

The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, when major retailers around the country discount products to help kick off the Christmas & New Year shopping season. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and for many families that means coming together to share a meal and give thanks. Thanksgiving this year is on 25th Nov. 2010. Hence, 26th Nov. 2010 is Black Friday. While you start thinking of what is the Thanksgiving special menu, decide what you will do with the leftovers, decorate on a dime, waiting for guests who offer to bring a dish, get ready to prepare a big list of your Black Friday shopping and Cyber Monday deals.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tourism in India|Indian Tour|Tourist destinations in India|Trip to India

Planning a trip to India? This is a big country with plenty of variations in its regions. You may find a great deal of difference in the lifestyles, customs, habits and practices of the people of two cities. A great deal of difference may also appear between urban and rural areas also.

India is a land of gourmet delights. Each and every region of this country will have something new to offer you in terms of food. However it may be remembered that food in India is essentially cooked in oil and teamed with a variety of spices. There are various options for food in India. Restaurants too are of various categories. Fruits may sound healthy, since they are available in lot of varieties here. It may be helpful for you to carry a few basic medicines with you. Be careful about your medical consultations. Verify medicines before consuming them. You may ask chemists of good shops also. They will guide you about the purpose of that medicine so that you match it with your ailment and understand if you really need it.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Volcanoes|Earth quakes|Tsunamis|Mount Merapi, Indonesia|Mt. Merapi eruption 2010

Our Mother Planet is made up of Oceans, Mountains, Lands, Rivers, Volcanoes, Forests and so many natural resources. Human beings, Animals, Plants and several other living things and non-living things exist in these natural surroundings. While they enjoy the natural resources from the Mother Earth, some times they also get affected by natural calamities like Rain, Flood, Landslide, Earthquake, Volcano eruption, Tsunami and the list goes on and on. Those who are interested on Travel & Tourism and Geographical Sciences frequently visit various places and take the opportunity of enjoying and researching about the Earth. Since I don't have much opportunity to Travel around due to my family circumstances, even though I am interested, I normally surf on the net to know more details on the above subjects. Google is the main source which helps in several ways like, Google map, Google images, Google Videos and Google News. There are many other sources like this also to help us know more details of the Mother Earth.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Back Time 2010|End of DST 2010 in U.S|Standard Time 2010

Since the introduction of modern daylight saving time many countries have been adjusting the clock one hour ahead in spring and winding it back by one hour during fall seasons. Now that fall is approaching, when should the time change in fall begin? When does daylight saving time end in 2010? According to Daylight Savings Time 2010 schedule, for US and Canada, effective Sunday, November 7, 2010 the clocks fall back to Standard Time. The official change will occur at 7.30 PM IST (6 AM Eastern Standard Time). During Standard Time, clocks are turned backward an hour, effectively moving an hour of daylight from evening to morning. Daylight Saving Time will return on March 14, 2011 in the US and Canada.

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