Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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Planning a trip to India? This is a big country with plenty of variations in its regions. You may find a great deal of difference in the lifestyles, customs, habits and practices of the people of two cities. A great deal of difference may also appear between urban and rural areas also.

India is a land of gourmet delights. Each and every region of this country will have something new to offer you in terms of food. However it may be remembered that food in India is essentially cooked in oil and teamed with a variety of spices. There are various options for food in India. Restaurants too are of various categories. Fruits may sound healthy, since they are available in lot of varieties here. It may be helpful for you to carry a few basic medicines with you. Be careful about your medical consultations. Verify medicines before consuming them. You may ask chemists of good shops also. They will guide you about the purpose of that medicine so that you match it with your ailment and understand if you really need it.

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