Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Google Images|GOOGLE IMAGES|Revamped Interface of Google Images|More Relavant results of Google images

Today--20th of JUly 2010, Tuesday--Google Images gets Revamped Interface, making it easier to use. More Relevant search results now. The new look is designed to reduce the number of clicks it takes to find the image you are looking for and to provide more information about a particular image without having to click through to the result. Mainly focusing on the image browsing efficient. What is the main noticeable change? The elimination of the text or 'cruft' from the search results page, leaving a mosaic of images. This means that the metadata will only show up as a user hovers(or clicks) over the image result. The other search options that are within the Google--such as the ability to search by line art, the color of the image, etc--will be maintained. It is now possible to generate 1,000 results per page on Google Images. This can be accessible by an 'infinite scroll' function which adds more results as we scrolls down the page. Currently, Google Images frames the page, showing a thumbnail of the image. Now, the image will be blown up, with a faded view of the originating web page in the background. Other features will be on their way, such as timeline-based searching of images.

To know more about Google Images improved version: http://ping.fm/8wGzr

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