Monday, September 27, 2010

Tips for increasing Hub Score/Author Score

What is Hub Score? Hub Score is the measuring tool in figure for each 'hub' assigned by hubpages for indicating the quality of the hub. There are so many factors defining these hubscores. Hubscores will be fluctuating every now and then depending on the traffic, comments, etc. On top of everything, while creating itself, if the hub is positioned in some 'best' hub level, there are many chances of improving the hubscore by editing and monitoring the same at proper intervals.
Would you like to increase your Hub Score? It obviously takes a lot of dedication, commitment and hard work. It's a great achievement if the hubscore goes beyond 90. That means your hubs are authorised as 'Featured Hubs' catagory and you will be treated as 'Featured Author' by Hub Pages. If you start landing at HP and start browsing, the link 'Hubs' takes you to the top scoring hubs and it goes on in the deminishing order, hubscorewise.

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