Friday, December 17, 2010

ENVIRONMENTAL VIRTUAL TOUR|Now or Never|Getaway with Holiday Travel Places

The year is almost at a close. As the new decade kicks off, give the party hubs and fireworks a miss and bring in 2011 with something unique. Odds are, the all-night bashes will still be around in 2050, but most of the escapes we have lined up, would not. Therefore, here is getting you started on your plan to ring in the New Year with the giant pandas in Wolong or the millennia-old California redwoods--I thank God for making me enjoy Redwoods recently. Now, let us have an Environmental Virtual Tour around the Globe. Let's see stunning vistas, wildlife and offbeat experiences, before it is too late. Now if you don't see these natural wonders, you'll never have the chance of seeing them, due to environmental disasters happening throughout the world. OK. Let's get away with these natural wonders.

For enjoying virtual tour of natural wonders of this planet, click:

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